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I have been practising Homoeopathy since last 25 years. In my journey I have had the priviledge of helping several hundreds of individuals heal their minds and bodies with the help of this extremely gentle but powerful healing system called Homoeopathy. 

Homeopathy uses specially prepared, highly diluted substances as medicines to help with a range of ailments and illnesses. If you're interested in finding out more about homeopathy and how it will be able to help, FAITH Homoeopathy in Maidenhead will be able to help. Alternative medicine for a whole range of health disorders ranging from acute to chronic, we serve all age groups. We work with clients who suffer from both chronic and acute conditions, using traditional homeopathic practices and based on the principle of 'like cures like'. To find out more or to book a consultation, call us today on +447960897605.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are made from nanoparticles extracted from plants and flowers, animals and minerals and are usually administered orally through drops or small, often dissolvable tablets. Our caring and sympathetic approach means we'll take the time to understand what ails you and find complementary remedies to help you on the road to recovery.

What is Homoeopathy?

* Homoeopathy is one of the most widely used forms of alternative therapies today.

*It is safe, effective and treats one as a unique individual.

*It is a complete system which treats mental, emotional and physical ailments.

* Homoeopaths believe that the mind , body and soul are one and a single part of the body cannot be treated in isolation.

* It can be used safely and effectively by everyone including infants , children and adults including women during pregnancy.

* Homoeopathic medicines promote the body's natural ability to heal by stimulating the vital force.

*Homoeopathic medicines can be taken along side the medicines prescribed by your GP and will not interfere with their beneficial action.



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Highly recommend Geeta. She is incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and has a very caring and supportive nature. She has helped through a difficult time. Thank you Geeta.

Luigina Colopi

Dr. Geeta is an experienced and reliable doctor. She has been treating myself and my family for over 25 years and we have never felt the need to look elsewhere. Be it commonly occuring medical …

Bhagwant Khalsa

I would highly recommend Faith Homoeopathy for anyone whose looking for a homoeopathic treatment. My mother has been Dr Geeta's patient for almost 15 years now. She has treated my mother very …

Jacky Shahdadpuri


26 Reviews

manish butani

20 January 2021

20 January


Dr Geeta is one of the finest homeopathy doctor. I am grateful to Dr Geeta for helping me through troubled times. She is very experienced, dedicated, calm and c...
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Mahesh Chimnani

13 December 2020

13 December


I had been associated with Dr Geeta for a long time now, she is my Dr and of my wife and our kids too. Not only she is a very expert professional but a very nic...
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